Restaurant 2112 - RESTAURANT 2112 A TALE OF MEAT AND METAL (book)

Restaurant 2112

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PETER IWERS AND BJÖRN GELOTTE are known as two members of the famous heavy metal act In Flames. But outside the world tours and sold-out gigs, Peter and Björn are also proud owners of Restaurant 2112 in Gothenburg. Here, together with childhood friend Mattias Lindeblad, they tell the tale of how their dream of their own place became reality A Tale of Meat and Metal. In the spring of 2011 Restaurant 2112 so named after the famous album by Rush opens up on Ma- gasinsgatan 5 in their home town Gothenburg. The restaurant quickly gets a reputation for price winning burgers and a warm, welcoming ambience a naturalhang-out for everyone with rock at heart. To the guests, the restaurant has become a second living-room of sorts, a place to pre-party, after party, dine with the family or just enjoy. 2112 is a must-see for In Flames fans from all over the world. IN RESTAURANT 2112 A TALE OF MEAT AND METAL the reader also gets a unique sneak-peek into the fascinating, break-neck-speed and sometimes crazy life style of a touring heavy metal band. Furthermore, readers are treated to a number of fantastic recipes, from the private collections of Peter and Bjo rn, as well as some official favourites from the 2112 Menu. And you get to meet Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquility) Matt Heafy (Trivium) Oscar Dronjak (HammerFall) and a number of other celebrities, all more than likely to surface at 2112 when they re in town. Preface by the Hollywood star and In Flames friend Peter Stormare.