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Container 90 - Working Class League Cd

Container 90

EZR 018


Container 90, electro punk / oldschool EBM band from Kungsör, Sweden.

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3rd album from 2013 in a limited "Party Kit" Edition of 100 handnumbered copies. Contains:

CD "Working Class League" in DVD case with booklet
1 bottle opener
2 beer mats
1 condom ("Make Love Not Future Pop")
1 aspirin
and 1 voucher for one Container 90 "Working Class Beer" (which you can pick up at the label stall at the Wave Gothic Treffen)

1Taste The Fist
2Raise Your Finger
5Repeat Delete
6Straight Jacket
7Use For News?
8Murphy's Law
9Key Of Life
10Respect Mf
12Working Class Hero