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Container 90 - Roller Derby Girls 10"

Container 90

Sham 10" 024

Container 90, electro punk / oldschool EBM band from Kungsör, Sweden.

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10" black vinyl limited 250 copies from 2015 . The track comes in 6 different versions and not just simple remixes that are so common these days. The band tried something different and reworked the title track into 6 different genres. The idea is to make a wider presentation of the song outside the usual Oldschool EBM audience. Additionally to the regular EBM version you find a Container 80 version (Italio disco), Container 79 version (punk), Container 69 version (ska/reggae), Container 909 version (house/dance) and an unplugged/acoustic version.

a1. Roller Derby Girls Featuring – Västerås roller Derby

a2. Roller Derby Girls (Container 80 Version)

b1. Roller Derby Girls (Container 79 Version Featuring – Västerås Roller Derby

b2. Roller Derby Girls (Container 69 Version)